Social Media Buttons

Social Media Buttons

Now includes Facebook and Twitter share buttons and an updated calendar.

Among several minor bug fixes etc, we have included a simple social media plugin/addon that can be used to display Twitter and Facebook buttons in your Event Espresso templates. If you have relocated your template files to your uploads folder, you will need to make these changes to your template files.

I have also provided templates for the payment and return to payment pages.

The calendar has also been updated to include weekly and daily agenda views and a settings page to manage the calendar options.

Calendar Week View

Calendar Week View

Here is a list of recent changes between the last four versions.

Added simple buttons for Twitter and Facebook. Templates have been updated to include these changes.
Added payment and return to payment templates.
Added required text to form fields.
Added a new function to Get a single start or end time:
* function event_espresso_get_time($event_id, $format = ‘start_time’)
* @params $event_id (required)
* @params $time (optional, start_time (default) | end_time)
Changed the plugin to use the built in jQuery library, instead of the Google jQuery API.
Adjusted the questions display query to order by group order. This will work if the users do use the group_order field. Otherwise the questions will get mixed up.
Added the search and replace values to the invoice email

Moved the system questions and question groups function into the database install scipt. Hopefully this will fix the problem with the system questions and groups not getting installed.

Applied some formatting to the category name in the category listing.
Removed the wpautop function from the category editor.
Added the end_date of an event to the event_list.php.
Fixed the following issues
1) Edited questions always defaulting to ‘required’.
2) Deleting of questions and groups via checkbox.

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In a recent blog post, Event Espresso goes head-to-head with Eventbrite. While Event Espresso boasts no per event registration fees and transaction fees and your customer’s data is stored safely on your server. Event Espresso comes out looking like the best option for a self-hosted event registration and management systems. The Eventbrite hosted event management system continues to hammer you with outrageous fees.

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We have just reached 5,000 downloads of Advanced Events Registration, the premiere event registration and management plugin for WordPress.

To celebrate, we offering $10 off the purchase price of premium version of the plugin, to the first 50 people! Use the discount code AER5000 to claim your discount at the time of purchase. Order now and you will also get a first look at version 3* of the new Event Espresso plugin.

*Everyone who has purchased the Advanced Events Registration plugin will also get a free upgrade to the new version shortly after release.

In preparation for the release of Event Espresso (the new name of Advanced Events Registration,) we have just opened up our  new forums.

Many of you have been using the WordPress forums to ask your questions about the Advanced Events Registration plugin. The only problem with that is that I don’t know anyone has posted anything there. I try to login and check every once in a while, but that is very inefficient and some questions go unanswered. I am hoping to change this with our new forums.

So please head on over and say hello, leave us some feedback in the “Suggestion Box” or show off your site in the new “Website Showcase.”

Update alert!  I have been in the process of  renaming, re-branding, and redesigning the Advanced Events Registration plugin for WordPress. The new name for the all-in-one event manager has just been renamed to “Event Espresso“. We are currently shooting for an end of July release.

I have just finished uploading the very first screen shots of version 3 of the Advanced Events Registration (now “Event Espresso“) plugin for WordPress.

Attention! The plugin has undergone a major reconstruction and name change. The new name of the plugin is Event Espresso.

Event Registration and Management Plugin for WordPress

This WordPress plugin provides a way to take online registrations for events such as conference and seminars that are held live. Events are managed quickly and easily from within the WordPress dashboard.

The plugin also uses the PayPal IPN to record payments to the built in WordPress database. It allows you to capture the registering persons contact information to the WordPress database as well as provides the ability to send the registrar to your PayPal payment site for online collection of event fees. PayPal payments are captured to the database using the PayPal Standard IPN.

Reporting features provide a list of events, list of attendees, and excel export.

Download Plugin | Test Drive | Upgrade to Pro Version | Support Forum

If you like this plugin, please consider making a small donation or clicking on a few of the ads displayed on the site.


  1. After unzipping, upload everything in the ‘paypal-events-registration’ folder to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory (preserving directory structure).
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to the Event Registration Menu and Configure Organization and enter your company info – note you will need a PayPal id if you plan on accepting PayPal payments
  4. Go to the Event Setup and create a new event, make sure you select ‘make active’.
  5. Create a new page (not post) on your site. Put {EVENTREGIS} in it on a line by itself.

Note: if you are upgradings from a previous version please backup your data prior to upgrade.

If you have watched the video below and are having trouble installing the plugin or just need additional support. Please visit our “Premium Support” page or view the FAQ below.

Setting up the Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions:
To use, create a new page with only  {EVENTREGIS}

To display list of attendees of an active event use {EVENTATTENDEES} on a page or post.

*For URL link back to the payment/thank you page use  {EVENTREGPAY} on a new page.

*For PayPal to notify about payment confirmation use  {EVENTPAYPALTXN} on a new page.

*This page should be hidden from from your navigation menu. Exclude pages by using the ‘Exclude Pages‘ plugin from or using the ‘exclude’ parameter in your ‘wp_list_pages’ template tag. Please refer to for more information about excluding pages.

Email Confirmations:
For customized confirmation emails, the following tags can be placed in the email form and they will pull data from the database to include in the email.

[fname], [lname], [phone], [event],[description], [cost], [company], [co_add1], [co_add2], [co_city],[co_state], [co_zip],[contact], [payment_url], [start_date], [start_time], [end_date], [end_time]

Sample Mail Send:

***This is an automated response – Do Not Reply***

Thank you [fname] [lname] for registering for [event].  We hope that you will find this event both informative and enjoyable.  Should have any questions, please contact [contact].

If you have not done so already, please submit your payment in the amount of [cost].

Click here to review your payment information [payment_url].

Thank You.

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Event Listings and Registration Pages

Event Listings and Registration Pages

Attendees and Payments

Attendees and Payments

Screenshot of Events Registration with IPN Pro

Screenshot of Events Registration with IPN Pro using the Calendar (Pro Version)

Event Setup Options

Screenshot of some Event Setup Options (Pro Version)

Events and Payments

Events and Payments

If you haven’t noticed, the WordPress plugin “Events Registration with PayPal IPN” is no longer available for download on We found some serious security issues within the plugin (mostly deprecated WordPress database functions) so we decided it best to go ahead and remove the plugin until security was improved.

After a major overhaul of the back-end code we have re-released the plugin under a new name (Advanced Events Registration) and have also released a pro version of the plugin with many additional features.

It is highly recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of the Advanced Events Registration plugin ASAP.