Update Instructions

Important! Please read carefully before installing.

Updating/Upgrading to Pro Version:

Be sure to deactivate the free version (if installed) before installing the pro version. If you are upgrading from the free version, you will need to run the upgrade script located in the “Help/support” tab just under the “Events Pro” tab of your WordPress admin.

If you have made modifications to the core plugin files of your current installation, they will be lost when updating. Be sure to backup your database, plugin files and deactivate any previous versions (if installed) before installing this version.

In version 2.23 the “Event Category” system was completely rewritten. If you re updating from a version prior to 2.23, you will need to update each event that has been placed into a category if you want to keep your events placed in categories.

Custom Templates:

If you plan on modifying the look of your event listings, registration page, or attendee list. This version now has an option to move these templates to a safe place.

On the “Configure/Organization Settings” page under the “Template Customization” you can move your template files located in your “/wp-content/plugins/advanced-events-registrationpro-version/templates/” into the “/wp-content/uploads/eventregis/templates/” directory.

Payment Gateways:

You will need to need to set up your payment gateways on the “Gateway Settings” page found in the left menu. The  “gateways” folder under “advanced-events-registration-pro-version”  will need to be moved to the the “/wp-content/uploads/eventregis/” directory. There is a script that will accomplish this task for you if the uploads folder is writable. Otherwise you will need to ftp the “gateways” folder into your “/wp-content/uploads/eventregis/” directory.

Currently this version of the plugin only supports the PayPal Standard gateway and IPN. The Authorize.net SIM gateway and IPN now available for purchase.


Emails are now set at the end of the registration process. When  someone pays for an event, emails are sent after payment has bee recieved.

Addons Page:

This is something new with this version of the plugin. Now you can purchase addons that improve upon the core features of the plugin.

Available Addons:

Member Integration Module

Allows you to take full advantage of the WordPress user system. Available options are:

  • Member pricing
  • Member profiles
  • Roles and capability features
  • Custom Files

    These files offer support for custom templates, functions, and shortcodes. Virtually allowing you to customize the plugin to your needs and making your custom changes future proof.

    Groupon Integration Module

    Did your site get featured on Groupon.com? Now you can easily accept Groupon codes to your events! Once installed, just upload all of your Groupon codes to the database and your ready to go.

    Addons Coming Soon:

  • Google Map
  • Email Templates
  • Better Calendar Integration
  • Barcode Generator
  • Custom/Short URLs
  • Help and Support:

    If you need help installing the update, please visit the Premium Support page of Shoultes.net.


    Updates are dispersed monthly. If you would like to receive weekly updates to the plugin, please sign up for a subscription for only $5/mo.

    To receive notifications about updates to this script, please signup for my newsletter or become a member of my website.

    Thank you!
    Seth Shoultes

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